Our projects are matters of the heart.

The College

Heart of the foundation

The Anne Ramm Foundation would like to establish a college for young adults with support needs, consisting of a boarding school and learning workshop rooms.

The young people are to be given the opportunity to deal with themselves and a future occupation. Individually tailored to the individual, learning goals are worked out and set together. In this way, personal development is encouraged.

The boarding school is intended to facilitate the respective process of detachment for parents and their adult children. The college provides an insight into different areas of work. In learning workshops, young people are challenged and encouraged in a supported environment. A good preparation for their future work.

We had taken a big step towards the realization of this project. We called it "The Schätzelberge Project". This could not be realized in the planned form. The Anne Ramm Foundation has therefore decided at the end of 2019 to pass the property into good hands.

Our heartfelt desire to create this shared place of living and learning remains. We will continue to work on this in the coming year with the VIA Unternehmensverbund. With small steps – persistently.


Self-determined life

A shared flat. Twelve young adults. A multi-family house in the middle of Berlin. Nothing special at first.

But people with and without support needs live next door to eight other tenants. All under one roof.

Our residents learn to manage their lives. Our residents learn through practical experience what it means to be a part of society.
Everyone has different abilities and different needs, which we take seriously and respond to individually. But that also means that we introduce them to social rules. Rules that apply to everyone.

This is how we understand the best possible preparation for independence!

The Lern-WG means living together for a limited period of time. In this way, everyone can develop their own perspective on life at their own personal tempo.

We know that inclusion also means that one does not have to put on an act for the others. We do away with the prejudice that participation is only relevant for people with support needs.

In detail: Twelve young people of the same age all live under one roof in Berlin. Six of them need special support in everyday life and go to work during the day. The other six go to university and study. The students also get involved with their roommates in their free time.

The project is supported by two professional cooperation partners:

  • The reha e.v. Soziale Dienste mit Kontur is the provider of the integration assistance and provides the professional staff.
  • The Medical School Berlin (MSB) works with the students and provides scientific support.
  • The external nursing service Gatz+Zippel completes our offer for people with support needs.
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