Dear Sir or Madam, dear friends of the Anne Ramm Foundation

One year ago we were busy preparing a lavish Christmas celebration, which we now look back on with a touch of melancholy. So many dear people celebrated together in the log cabin Nikolskoe. Our partner VIA-Verbund für Integrative Angebote Berlin GmbH runs this beautiful restaurant as an inclusive project. And there we could experience an unforgettable party in the rustic ballroom.

The Anne Ramm Foundation is also characterized by the fact that we always try to bring people together to share the joy of life. This expression of liveliness was put to the test this year and we can already let you know that we mastered it surprisingly well.

But one thing after another:


The Schätzelberge project could not be realized as planned. The Anne Ramm Foundation has therefore decided to hand over the property into good hands at the end of 2019.

Our heart’s desire to create this common place of living and learning remains. We will continue to work on this in the coming year. With small steps – persistently.


The learning community, in which twelve people with and without need of help currently live together, has been constantly developing in the two years since its foundation. This year has brought a lot of challenges and we have had to do without a lot. No nice celebrations, no joint garden activities. Even the Parieté Gala, organized by VIA and Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband with the Anne Ramm Foundation as cooperation partner, was cancelled this year. Nevertheless, we are grateful for all solutions found, for the flexibility of the team, for the cohesion in the community. There was a lot of reorganization to be done and also a lot of grief and stress to be endured. Nevertheless nobody gave up. We are glad to have a reliable partner in die reha e.v. And every person in the house, resident, specialist and coordinator, neighbor and friend, makes sure that this time and beyond is well mastered. Last but not least, we are glad that nobody is ill and we would like to thank everyone for their commitment.

Despite all the restrictions in the daily work of the flat-sharing community, a lot has been achieved: work in the garden was continued (and self-organized), a bed for vegetables and one for herbs was created.  A workshop in cooperation with the Medical School Berlin and WOHN:SINN took place and together with the VIA Blumenfisch Werkstätten a modular, sustainable furniture concept for the residents’ rooms was created. In this context we would like to thank the Commerzbank Foundation very much for their support.

The Christmas celebration will be small this year. But it should not be less festive. We wish the Lern-WG with all its wonderful residents, the team, the professionals an enchanting evening. At a festively set table, with white tablecloth and roast goose.
Have a terrific evening among yourselves… next year we will celebrate together again.


We did not want to leave that unmentioned. On October 13, 2015 the Anne Ramm Foundation was established. This occasion for celebration was also celebrated very quietly. But one thing is for sure, we will carry on.

In the future, we will approach the new concept for permanent living. There will certainly be a lot going on there next year. We would also like to thank the entire foundation team for the good cooperation.


We would like to send warm greetings to our friends at “the Mount” in England. This is where the idea for the college in Berlin originated.
It has been especially difficult this year in England to persevere and create perspectives. We think of you.

Now we wish you all a contemplative celebration – certainly different than in past years. And we want to start a new year with confidence. May it be a good one and may we all meet again in good health.

Confident greetings

Your Anne Ramm Foundation

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