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This is our latest newsletter for you, the edition 1/2018. Isn’t it amazing how time flies? We are already entering the third year with our work for the Anne Ramm Foundation.

When working we are always occupied with questions of inclusion and participation, especially when dealing with language and choice of words. Plain English, designed to ensure quick, easy and complete understanding is not easy to write.

The texts have to undergo many changes and there are even special editing firms like capito here in Berlin specializing on plain language. You can find some fine examples – if you speak German that is – at the website of Die reha e.v.. Die reha e.v. is responsible partner for our community housing project. In the long run we would also like to create a second plain language version of the newsletters and the website.

But stop! There is already a second version, the one you are reading right now, especially created for our friends at The Mount. This way they can read barrier-free what is going on in Berlin.
Copies of earlier editions of our newsletter you can find here.

Your feedback is always most welcome at news@anneramm-stiftung.de

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Very shortly the first residents are going to move into the community housing project.

The first project of the Anne Ramm Foundation is located in the south of Berlin, in Leonorenstraße. At present there is a lot going on. Walls are torn down and four small flats are changed into two bigger ones. Further flats will follow.

By and by six young adults with special needs and six students of the Medical School Berlin (MSB) will move in. But there is still a lot to do and everybody is getting somewhat impatient. The future housemates are already planning their life together. The house coordinator has been living there since October 2017. The original tenants are quite curious about the new situation and everybody is looking forward to a summer on the newly renovated rooftop.


We are very happy that the organisation Die reha e.v. will be responsible for the project. „Die reha e.v.- Soziale Dienste mit Kontur“ is an experienced partner when it comes to support and welfare activities.



Just a reminder:
Carl is a constant in our lives and in the newsletter. Many of you know him personally since he is the son of Anne and Christian Ramm. Check out the newsletter archive if you want to find out what he has experienced at The Mount. „Der Mount“, as we call it in German, is the inspiration for heart and core of the foundation, the college at the Campus Schätzelberg. But right now there are more important things for Carl to consider: his moving to Leonorenstraße and his new job at Blumenfisch where he works in the art and decoration department.

Dear Carl, are your college days really over? That was quick, wasn’t it?
Yes, it was quick. And slow at the same time…. I was in England for three years, at The Mount. My favourite college. And now I´ve got a diploma. And friends all over the world. And I have learnt English. A little bit. I could even make use of it because we visited my sister in London. Is`s most useful if you can speak some English.

And now you’re back in Berlin?
Of course. Berlin is my town. I just love it here. There are so many pictures on the walls. Some are really art. I took some photographs with my Dad at the Devil`s Mountain. You really must go there if you can. And I love being in my old room. But now I see my parents every day(moan!) And I see how hard they have to work for their and my foundation.

But actually you wanted to move in with other people and share a flat, didn’t you?
Yes, that’s going to happen soon. But they are still rebuilding the place. In some flats they are even taking the walls down, so that we have more space together. I`m so much looking forward to cooking and eating with my friends. I`m sure we will also have these cool outings like we did in England. And I will have a lot of flatmates.

Have you started work yet?
Oh yes. I’m in the art workshop of Blumenfisch in the middle of a mountain, the Pfefferberg (pepper mountain). This is where I did an internship and they thought my work was so great that I could start right away. I work with colours. It is pretty far away from home. My dear parents have to get up very early in order to wake me up. Then Maher takes me all the way. He has got a bus, and I am his only passenger.

Will your parents miss you when you move out?
Of course they will, they are parents, they have to. But they also keep saying that grown up children have to move out and live their own life. But I think they will come very often and visit me and my friends, if we invite them. And if we prepare something tasty to eat.


We are happy if you support our work, donations are most welcome. This can be done via https://www.anneramm-stiftung.de/donate-contact/?lang=en
We make sure you’ll get a receipt right away, if we know your address.

Thank you very much.

Any questions, remarks or ideas concerning this newsletter are welcome. Please mail to: news@anneramm-stiftung.de

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